Titanium Fastener

Titanium Fastener

Manufactured with precision and durability, Nippon Titanium's fasteners are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes to chemical industry, distributor, racing bicycle and racing motorcycle industry.

Titanium fasteners are best known for being strong, lightweight, and corrosion resistant. Grade 2 and 5 are the most commonly used grades of titanium fasteners.

Titanium Bolt, Screw, Nut and Washer can be American , Metric(M0.8-M24 or bigger), and Imperial standard, also can as per drawing.

Specification and Standard for Titanium Fastener
Products Grade Types Size Standards
Titanium Bolt GR.1,, GR.2,
Gr5 (Ti-6AL-4V), GR.12,
GR.23 (6AL - 4V ELI)
Hex Head Bolts, Carriage Bolts,
Shoulder Bolts, Wedge Anchor Bolts
M1-M24    DIN 931, DIN 933, ISO 4014,
ISO 4017, ISO 7370
Titanium Socket Cap Socket Cap Screws, Flat Socket Cap Screws,
Button Socket Cap Screws, Socket Head Shoulder Screws
  DIN 931, DIN 933, ISO 4014,
ISO 4017, ISO 7371
Titanium Screws 12 Point Screws, Button Head Cap Screws, Flat Head Screws, Hex Head Cap Screws, Pan Head Screws, Security Screws, Set Screws, Socket Head Cap Screws, Vented Screws DIN 603, DIN 912, DIN 913, DIN 914, DIN 915, DIN 916, DIN 921, DIN 931
DIN 933, DIN 961, DIN 965, DIN 966, DIN 7991, DIN 7380, DIN 84, DIN 85 
Titanium Nuts Hex Nuts, Lock Nuts  DIN 439, DIN 934, DIN 985,
DIN 986, DIN 980, DIN 6923
Titanium Studs Full Thread Studs, Double End Studs   DIN 975, DIN976
Titanium Washers Flat Washers, Lock Washer   DIN 125, DIN 126,
DIN 127,DIN 9021
Titanium U-Bolts U-Bolts   DIN 3570, JIS2809

Size Specification
A.Mini screw and bolts : M1.0 to M4 as per customer’s required length or DIN standard.
B: Usual screw,bolt and nuts: M4 to M24 or bigger.
C: Ti Thread rod: M1.0 to M24 of length 1000MM.
D: Nipponcan produces as per customer’s drawing and special requirement.
E: Titanium fastener and parts for racing motocycle and racing bicycle.

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